What are Eyelash Extensions?

Lash Extensions are an exciting, new product and technique for thicker, longer, yet natural looking eyelashes. Eyelashes are made thicker and longer through professional application of individual synthetic eyelash onto your own natural eyelash with a specially formulated bonding agent. Lash extensions are NOT strip lashes or three pronged cluster lashes.

How long will they last?

They will last up to 2-6 wks depending on how well you take care of them and depending on your own natural growth cycle.  If you are like most of our clients once you have them applied you will become addicted. 

How often should I have my eyelash extensions filled?

In order to keep your lash extensions full and looking great, simple maintenance "fill" appointments are typically needed every 2-3 weeks. They are necessary because just like the hair on your head, your individual eyelashes grow out on a continuous cycle of replenishment.  
First time clients are encouraged to make a appointment within the first 2 wks for a fill and maintenance. 

I heard eyelash extensions will harm my own lashes! Is this true?

Eyelash extensions will not harm your lashes if they are applied safely and maintained correctly. Having your lashes done with A Lash Above The Rest where we use quality products and up to date techniques to give you safe and quality extensions. 

Can I still use mascara if I want to

Sure! There are some things you should know. If you must you choose to wear mascara make sure that it is a water based product that will easily wash off with out scrubbing. Waterproof mascara is NOT recommended because the cleaning agents will loosen the adhesive.

Can I use an eyelash curler?

 Synthetic lashes already come with a very nice taper curl to them. Eyelash curlers are extremely harsh and will break both natural and synthetic lashes. We highly recommend you don't use an eyelash curler. 

                Volume Lashes is a specialized technique for attaching eyelash              extensions. Here at A Lash Above The Rest we hand make each fan that is applied   to your natural eyelash at the time of your appointment.